Wednesday, September 08, 2010

We apologize for not "yet" posting videos of Mark and Phoebe, Sabina, Ryan and Liezel, John and Faye, Jo and Marcie , etc... from our June to September shoots. Just when I thought (again) that August would give us a week vacation ... I was completely wrong. 13 shooting engagements arised. We shot weddings, corporate videos and functions, then finally... Macky and Hera of Unlimited Productions Inc, got us to shoot the opening footages of Luchi Cruz Valdes in Journo, aired over channel 5 and one OBB (opening billboard) for a proposed TV program in ANC and one sequence shoot intented to be aired in Discovery Channel (Singapore).
My friend Gilbert Obispo also launched his MTV over MYX, with me as his Director of Photography :-)
My team is happy to be considered a graduate of KBL (an old joke, Kasal, Binyag, Libing) which clearly means today, we are Masters in Wedding Videography hehehe.
2010 has been a challenging year. Indeed, it was a roller coaster ride. Starting from Ondoy's devastation to new project lineups. I'm thankful to God for people like you (our clients and fans) who trust and believe in our works enabling us to push our limits further to better serve you and meet your expectations.

For our next posting would be something out of the ordinary... You'll see :-) As Oly Ruiz ( use to tell me, "Dan, less talk, more show" and so here we are... inching our way to national television and proudly working with you in creating the once in a lifetime blockbuster movie of your life -- your wedding day.

Stay tuned.

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