Monday, July 26, 2010

What I love about Voltaire and Joanne's Wedding:
1. Very intimate
2. Sweet
3. Full of surprises!

Here's Voltaire and Joanne's SDE :-D

Voltaire and Joanne from Shierdan Pamintuan on Vimeo.


joanne said...

We love it dan!! Thank you for capturing every moment and making it into such a beautiful & heartfelt video =) Our guests kept raving about this!!! Continue the excellent job guys! See you guys soon!! - Chok & Joe

Voltaire said...

Super loved it Dan, my goodness!!! (walang bola yan ha, hehe). I don't think Joe and I will ever get tired watching this over and over again. Thanks again to you, Jen and the rest of your team for making our special day very memorable. Apir!!!! (=

Shierdan Pamintuan said...

Thanks so much guys! Take Care!