Sunday, February 01, 2009


Oly Ruiz ( would be happy to find this posting in our blog (hehehe) Sorry man for the delayed reaction hahaha! Great photograph by the way. I like my pocket calendar and poster very muchooo!

January 30 marks another extra-ordinary day for the wedding industry’s top videographers. With only a few days to spare they had to individually create a feature presentation about Weddings at Work in celebration of its 10th year anniversary.
We were tasked to create W@W’s history During the making we realized W@W is not just all about John and Bennette, the couple responsible for W@W’s Genesis. W@W is more than just a website the couple created a year before they got married. It’s all about a real community that was born out of common interest, trust and cherished friendships that each member developed in the group.

That night, I was so happy to see familiar faces who I’ve never seen for some time. A handful of suppliers and full pack of w@wies graced the occasion. It was overwhelming to see people who started out as chatmates and later became good friends in real life. T’was so nice to see senior-in-rank photographers who had their humble beginnings at Weddings at Work.

Jason, Bob, Bong, (Threelogy) and PB (Phoeben Teocson) did a fantastic job in their presentations.

Credit for our presentation goes to Jen for conceptualizing, editing, and adding spice to the material we had to create our piece.

W@W is constantly evolving. It has touched countless lives of soon-to-be weds and suppliers as well. We had our humble beginnings in W@W. Angela and Dr. Seraphin Lalas (1/5/2006) were our first w@wie couple who started it all. In just a matter of 8 months we were recognized as top 10 supplier and boiled down to top 5 in 2006 for the W@W awards. For us the W@W recognition meant a great deal.

Jeans fade, cute dogs grow old (what the heck analogy), Beauty fades… But W@W remains steadfast and its legacy will definitely linger on forever :-)
Cheers! I'm proud to be a W@W supplier.
The "History" continues...

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