Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ok so everybody knows now that some point in every videographer's life there comes a dear plague that starts with a big letter B and some emotions attached to it such as Bitter, Banas, etc. Reality bites and it's so real that one must accept, comprehend, and do something about it... (drum roll) BACKLOGS.A whole bunch of of them... hehehe.

Fortunately there is a cure. Starting 2009 our team will deal with our backlogs swiftly without compromise, so future bookings won't be affected. Thank Moses :-) Previous months will be dealt by Jen's team. So after a few months our firm will be certified backlog free! :-) oohhh sounds great ey... it sure is...

We love doing weddings and corporate videos as well. As all of you know our style is straight-forward yet sincere. We always strive to do personalized editing on your videos and the best part is... We are here to stay. For life.... For generations to generations regardless of the economic crisis around the world hehe.

For the meantime we want to show one of our simple videos we created. Click here (crank up your monitor's brightness if you're using a CRT the video uses lowkey lighting.)

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