Friday, June 08, 2007

INDONESIA - VIETNAM (Not a tourist spot)

Just when I thought "again" that our month of June was a non-bc month eto nanaman may hirit pa. On June 11-15, We'll be at Indonesia and Vietnam to shoot a corporate video for Unilab. Wish ko lang tourist spot indo and vietnam hehe, eh ndi naman. I've enabled international roaming of my cell by June 11 so I can still receive calls and texts from inquiries etc.

See you all next week for prenup / avp.


nelwin uy said...

oi pasalubong! hehehe. san yang unang pic?

Shierds said...

Sayang badtrip nga. Mga pasalubong bought in indo, naiwan sa vietnam. Didn't realize that I left the hand carry bag :-) Nway, The pics were from the net :-) Pero itong next posting ko galing indo and vietnam na talaga where we did the shoot.

Raymond & Rhia said...

wow! big time kna tlga! iniikot mo na asia! more power to your career bro!

btw, salamat pla sa bday gift. paulit-ulit nmin watch. hehe. we love it!!!