Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hello everyone!
Sorry I wasn’t able to reply to some of your inquiries through text. We had a hectic schedule for Unilab’s shoot at Indonesia and Vietnam from June 11 to 15.
The trip was a blast! My last night in Vietnam was very memorable because of the dinner the team had in one of the local Vietnamese restaurants. I tagged along with Mr. Albert Labrador, Photographer, Mr. Dani De Mesa, ArtOne Owner and creative director, and Ernani Barrientos from Unilab Corporate Affairs, the reason why we’re in for the shoot. Thanks to Joe Galian for referring us to Unilab. Joe, you’re the best!
I remembered when I was 12 years old. It was my first time to travel with my parents to California. From the Philippines we took a plane going to Singapore, and from there another plane bound for L.A. I was overwhelmed with my new surroundings in California. From there, we traveled by land across many states to reach West Virginia to visit a relative... The trip was unforgettable...

Early June 11, 2007 we boarded a plane going to Singapore then Jakarta. After our 3-day shoot in Jakarta, we went straight naman to Vietnam.

The rainy season had invaded Vietnam. We thank God ‘coz by the time we went to a Unilab accredited Office / Plant, the sky was clear with beautiful clouds. A few minutes after we leave the site, the rain started to pour etc. Call it divine :-D Over-all the indo-vietnam experience was fun and bitin! We want to go back pa to Ho Chi Mhin and spend a week there!
The food from Jakarta and Vietnam was the highlight of our trip inspite of the tight schedule (no time to gala).

We all had a great time. Now back to Manila. Reality na ulit hahaha! Game Na!

Just a thought. If there are couples out there who has the budget to fly to Vietnam, bhooy… It’s one of the greatest place to make AVP / Prenup Video for your wedding. Hmm… a wedding movie in Vietnam? Why not?

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