Sunday, September 24, 2006

We never thought we could pull-off an onsite AVP in less than an hour! Imagine we had to capture and edit the footages from preps to ceremony tamang tama for the AVP show segment :-)

Ritz and Arnold's onsite AVP is up na in my official website. Funny part, during the reception, someone thought we were editing an unfinished AVP etc. parang the person never knew an onsite AVP is done "onsite" not 1 day before the wedding and it usually takes 2 hours production time :-) Then just before we showed the onsite avp, I was surprised on the anouncement that our AVP was the couple's love story daw with pictures on it etc. :-) Nway, it was really weird and fun! Jason was right. He said that doing onsites really require brains of steel. So here is it na. Thanks to Paul, Ivy, and Jen for their support and encouragement. Lastly, let us all give praises to God for giving us the ability to do our "jobs" to it's fullest potential.

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