Friday, September 15, 2006

Hay... super bc but I love it! Thank you guys for your continous bookings and referals. I'm offering HD 16:9 videos na utilizing HD tapes not mini-DV. hehehe. Pure native format of high resolution and crisp audio similiar to what broadcast networks use for electronic news gathering. I use a professional xlr mic setup to capture crisp audio. It's the same setup you'd expect from documentary films produced in abroad. Of course, this is a high-end package so expect the best from it at a very reasonable price. GO HD!!! And for onsite AVPS, naku, you'll also get the DVD on the same day. A superb wedding photo and video is definitely worth the investment!

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Dragon Lady said...

heya, dan! sooo happy to have finally booked you and paul. :D and thanks for introducing us to this new technology you're offering...basta bahala na kayo ni h2b dyan, hehehe.

we really had a great time and there was never-a-dull-moment during our meeting last friday night to saturday midnight!

goodluck on this new tech that you're offering and i hope that more soon-to-be weds will avail of this...indeed, wonderful memories can be best preserved by very good photographs and videos. :)

cheers to you and the rest of our p/v fab 4 a.k.a. dream team!!!