Friday, July 15, 2016


Jeric+Melissa SDE2 from Shierdan Pamintuan on Vimeo.

I'm always a firm believer of authenthic onsite editing -- the process of composing an edit on the day, based on how the couple's story unfold without fixing or repeating the process a day after the event. I also have deep respect for videographers who refine their editing before posting their videos online. Perhaps this is for marketing purposes, and staying true to the notion that whatever you post online should be your best. In my personal opinion, a video that is done on the day should meet its mission - an untold story crafted beautifully without compromise. I want to congratulate the VAMP members for pulling off this SDE for our lovely couple, Jeric and Melissa of last year. This video is just a simple reminder of the true essence of SDE. Like what the VAMP members did for CJC, it goes without saying that SDE's should be SDE --a video crafted the same day without shortcomings. God bless everyone!

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