Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mystical Cave in Antipolo

I chanced upon this so called, "Mystical Cave" in Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo while scouting for a location to shoot a TV plug for a new suspense-drama series to be aired in national television. The cave is huge, and for me, it could be used for an event venue (must be sacred though). The entrance is 40 pesos only ,unfortunately they don't have hard hats for safety. Seems the stalagmites don't fall off easily, anyway. According to Basillo, (care-taker), the cave is visited by many devotees during holy week and many production outfits have utilized the cave as a shooting location. Overall, I love the experience. Do see for yourself. The video has certain limitations. You have to watch it with your monitor's brightness in full blast. Tour guide: Nicole

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