Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's amazing to know that Jen has finally put up a solid team who can create videos and photos at par with the big players out there ;-) Seeing them work as a team makes me proud because it's a living proof that indeed, videography can be done by everybody but not everyone can be great -- it still requires practice, good attitude, and mindset to pull off something that could be considered not just great, but simply amazing :-D Years back I've decided to impart what I learned from being a videographer. I've realized that it doesn't take a world famous videographer to teach how to make a decent videography team. Everyone of us has our own distinct style on how we interpret and tell stories through video. I simply watched as Jen and her team pulled off Pretzel and Mike's onsite AVP and I was happy to witness how they came up with an amazing video that left me with a big smile :-D ! Videographers: Jeff, (glide) Joanne (candids) Mhey+Jel (sliders and establishing shots), Jen (candids and creatives).

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