Sunday, October 25, 2009

We Rise Again.
Thank you to all the people who helped us during and after Ondoy. To my fellow suppliers thanks for cheering us up during these times of trial. To our old and existing clients thank you for your continous support and trust.

We're definitely here to stay. Here's some of the onsite AVPs:

Ivan and sherryl October 18, 2009

Ivan and Sheryl from Shierdan Pamintuan on Vimeo.

Toper and Mei October 17, 2009

Chris and Mei from Shierdan Pamintuan on Vimeo.

Doc and Tin October 15, 2009

Doc and Tin from Shierdan Pamintuan on Vimeo.

Mike and Abie October 8, 2009


Anonymous said...

.Love watching it!!

sheryl said...

a million thanks again, dan/jen/alvin for the perfect wedding onsite -- it was exactly how we had envisioned it to be (and more). we're so happy! you guys are the best thanks again!!!

Shierds said...

You're welcome :-) Congrats and Best wishes to you guys