Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ok so many people have asked me how to get there... It's really a wonderful place except for the traveling part which you've read about in my entry of Joel and Chona's OBB.
Let's see ... Our first ever couple who thought of and visited the place was Reggie and Liz. It was Liz who searched the place through the internet. After a few months they were followed by Joel and Chona, then after 3 days, Eric and Ruth along with Oly Ruiz of
Many senior and hot-shot photographers asked me how to go to the place. If you guys are really up to the challenge here's how: (I hope Nina reads this too hehehe)
From Sta. Rosa Exit go to Nasugbu via Tagaytay, pass by the Nasugbu Arch and follow the directions going to Punta Fuego. Once you reach the end of the road where taking the right turn would take you to Punta Fuego, just take the left road and you'll find yourself in the "Fortune Island" pier. Ask some residents for a boat ride. We paid 3,000 for a boat that took us to the island (10 seating capacity including the boatman and assistant.) Don't forget to pack some lunch and plenty of water for the Island doesn't have restaurants or potable water... and.. don't forget your flashlights you might need it at night. A word of caution... Leave the island before 7:00 p.m. you never know...
Text me at 0917-359-8492 for more details.


Nina said...

Hi Dan! Read it (obviously). THanks so much! Keep up the AMAZING work! Always be inspired and inspire others! ;o)

Shierds said...

Hahaha ! Hey thanks!