Friday, November 21, 2008

Jonathan and Melady from Shierdan Pamintuan on Vimeo.
A few clips from the last part of Jonathan and Melady's Prenup. No audio.


Jonathan and Melady got us to do their "Short-film". We had to do their prenup docu as part of their package. It was a fine afternoon in Tagaytay Highlands. The sun was shining bright but after some time rain began to pour... Nevertheless we still had to do some shoots for their "afternoon scenes" along with Paul Vincent. The shoot must go on rain or shine. The weather played with us. The rain stops whenever the couple changes wardrobe (no kidding!)
After a few hours the weather got bored playing. The sky was clear except for thick fog! I was hoping for a sunset scene (the most common yet grand picture every couple hopes for) hey, we're at Tagaytay Highlands. The fog blocked the setting sun. It was getting darker, Paul still decided to push through with the thick fog. He decided to shoot the couple over a road bend... His idea was great.
Now this shoot was better than a sunset scene hehehe
Do check out for the couple's photos.


Jonathan and Melady said...

Grabe!!! We don't know what to say... kami ba talaga yan? hehe... great job shierds and jen! can't wait to see the rest of it and Paul's photos too! we were worried about missing the sunset shots, but hey, you guys pulled it off and made it way better! thank you so much!!!

-Jonathan & Melady

Anonymous said...

hey dan/jen,
super busy? tagal na natin di nagkita, no? sana makapag-coffee break tayo soon.
btw, i saw dan's calendar for the w@w videofest, iba ka dun, papa, hehe.
on this video, wala akong masabi. putting no audio made this shoot more interesting. galing talaga!
keep it up and hope to see you around soon.
david (ni queen)