Monday, March 10, 2008

(Dec-Feb) videos are posted in our official website under gallery.
Today we' like to share Aina's (march 8) and Kharen's (march 9) onsite avp.
KHAREN & GIAN - March 9, 2008. Queen and David gave me the couple's theme song. With only a few minutes to spare we edited the footages in a different approach we call, "The Father's Homily." :-)
View it here:

Oh by the way, Judy and Eric, your videos are already posted at our official website. Gallery, under december.
Thanks everyone for making us your choice :-)
God Bless

Here's Romero and Aina's onsite


Dragon Lady said...

ey, dan & jen! kaaliw naman at special mention pa kami. :) we're sooo happy that you finally found the time to post our videos, hehe. we understand how busy the past months have been for you guys. thanks for posting our mtv/prenup and onsite videos in your gallery.

hope to see guys again sometime soon! :D

Anonymous said...

You're welcome :-) Super toxic paren up to now hehe. We'll see you guys! Thanks for the gift!
Best regards,

Shierds said...

Ey! Thanks for understanding. Sana lahat kagaya nyo! hehehe
Pati sa gift nyo samen highly appreciated. Very useful in our field of work :-) More power to you guys and gudluck to your new chapter in life. Text us ha sa binyagan :-)

Aina said...

Hey Dan, we really love the videos, just how we wanted it! =) Astig din daw ang teaser namin, thanks Jen! Galing! Super dooper thanks =) I still have to send you 10 songs..Hehe..Coming soon =) God bless!