Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 2007 ... whoa... same as last year... BC month, full of AVPs, teasers, and prenups. Yep, prenups paren hehehe. We're one of the firms that offer prenup video on our highest package. Aside from prenups we also do grand entrance teaser, a 60 sec video showing the glamourusssss side of the couple.
Remember our entry about Dulce and Buck, well, as promised, with our own timings and workflow we came up with their teaser: Thanks to Paul for the fabulous photos.
Buck provided their backdrops for the video. We did green chroma keying with Joe Galian responsible for the great lighting and color effects. All hail technology... We're definitely going to revolutionize and mesh corporate videos into weddings as well.
Here's the link

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