Thursday, April 12, 2007


I thought April was a stress-free month :-) Whew, super hectic schedules and loving it. Aside from the shoots we had from UNILAB (thanks to Joe Galian) we also had a photo/video shoot of Chello the Debutant from Teddy Manuel Flowers and Events along with Chito Cleofas as photographer.

Just last two days ago we went to Caylabne with Paul and Ivy for Hec and Ivy's prenup... Never thought there was a beautiful resort sa dulo ng cavite :-) On our way home at nightfall we spent half of the trip telling ghost and aswang stories. It's funny coz all of us were "eyes on the road" anticipating for something exotic and scary to happen as if the vehicle's windshield was a television set. . . I even told Paul's driver kuya Noel not to hesitate to run over any obstacle on the road coz it just might be an illusion... hahaha!

Oh by the way, all our interviews for AVPS shall be done na at Angel Light Classic Portraits studios located at Madison Square Wilson, Wilson St. San Juan.


Malou Escasa said...

Well, now you're getting what you've been wishing for. . .

CONGRATS, Shierdz!


Good job!

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