Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On a fine sunday morning, March 18, 2007, I prepared my gear for a missionary shoot. I set off to a far away land in Sablayan Occidental Mindoro where I did a video profile for D-SHEP FOUNDATION ACADEMY (DSFA). FYI, ever since I started earning bucks :-), 10% of my net-income goes to this missionary school that existed for 7 years already. It's situated near Receiving (sea shore).

On my way back to Manila, I came across several Aetas :-) (meron papala non.hehehe). Over-all, my missionary shoot was somewhat my vacation as well.

Tuesday night, I received a text message from my photographer friend Joe Galian. He lined me up as the official videog of UNILAB to shoot their awarding on the 28th National Conference of Employers just this morning. Was great. Pres. GMA was there :-)

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Ann said...

wow galing-galing naman ni Dan ... tama yan, maganda talaga tumulong sa mga kapus palad.