Tuesday, December 05, 2006

AVPS add highlight to your reception by making your guests know more about your love story and what family and friends (interviewees) think about you guys. What adds excitement to your AVPS are the on-location shoots, the glamour and journalistic poses required by your photog, and lastly, the way you "play around" the surroundings.
We do AVPS the non-obstructive way. Casual interviews are done, no scripts required, and location lights, sounds setup play a vital role in capturing the essence of what your AVP is all about. Our Editing styles vary depending on the type of content we get from the interviews.
In this picture, you see Michelle, the sister of Vanessa, being interviewed by yours truly, with an expensive BMW motor-bike as her backdrop. This still pic is actually from the video footage of Raymond and Vanessa's AVP. Sometimes it isn't necessary to move around things to get the right shot. We proved that comfortable interviewees give us video content far beyond what we expect to create a good show for you guys :-)

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