Friday, July 14, 2006


I just want to express my gratitude to Paul Vincent and Ate Ivy. Almost all their couple booked me as well! Kuya Paul, Ate Ivy, THAAANNKK YOUUUU talaga! :-D

Expect a new, Shierdan digital video soon. With team1 and team2, new moves, new concepts, not just a wedding video, but definitely a film you'll be addicted to watch. hehehe. Well, that's my commitment. And, our videos will be definitely distinct. Just like a snowflake under a microscope, snowflakes vary in sizes and shapes, pero each snowflake has individual patterns that are mysteriously different from each other, which makes me say, "God, you are indeed marvelous." Imagine walang single snowflake magkapereho! Same is true with our videos. Pero ang pagkaiba, you don't need a microscope to notice the difference :-)

I'm going to post June couples by the end of July. Hopefully my new site, would be up and running by then. The short film features a showcase of my shooting styles, editing techniques, a sort of commentary, telling you briefly who were our couples nung June, their photographers, etc... Syempre, grabe, you'll be seeing Paul Vincent and Ate Ivy often sa videos! Na inspire tuloy ako to get a set of uniform. You'll see me formally dressed na, black shoes, black formal pants, a polo barong style na kakaiba kulay. hehehe. Basta, meron na akong uniform sa wakas. Buti nalang nag Sale sa Sta. Lucia Grand East Mall!

To all the couples who booked me and gave their dps na, grabe, super thanks talaga for your trust. Be rest assured that I shall deliver a wedding video you'll watch often as a constant reminder how you did that first LEGAL kiss in the presence of God and Men! To check out whether I've received your DP kindly visit my Calendar bookings. Updated regularly yon...

For outstanding high-end photos, tindi talaga nila Paul. No favoritism pero it's like, I love all the hues of the rainbow pero isang kulay paburito ko. hehehe. High-end talaga photos nila Paul and he comes in a very affordable rate. Book na kau before mag price increase :-)

I'd like to take narin this opportunity to inform everyone that meron akong price increase but not just because I was told to increase my prices, it's because just recently I upgraded to a better audio gear and prices in raw materials increased just last month. My price increase is intended to serve you better, give you outstanding quality video with crisp sound. Those who booked me na aren't affected by this price increase. Pero If you pencil booked me previous months ago, and decide to do your DPs later after July, sori to tell you that you'll be affected by the increase.

By next year, if more bookings come, (hehehe) I'll be acquiring an HD cam. I'll be offering HD videos in a very super affordable rate. That affordable rate is less than 25K for 1 cam setup with 1 3ccd vx as 2nd cam.

Now you're thinking why so affordable? Syempre... I want to be known as the videographer who gives high-quality videos in a price more than what you paid for. My greatest joy is to see my clients happy with the videos I made for them. Pag ganon nangyari, I feel I've been paid more than what I required :-)

Price increase doesn't mean kase sikat ka na, etc. dapat mataas na rate, etc..., it only means that the more value you put into your work, the more monetary value it requires, the better videos you'll be able to produce. Medyo talagang tumataas na running cost sa video production. After shooting, the video requires editing (unless you don't require this service from me). Oh, have i mentioned that I use expensive gears to produce your videos? hay. tindi. hehehe.

Editing is a creative process. Hindi lang threshing shaky shots, or bad camera angles, etc. It's an additive way of arranging video clips that follow a storyline to form a coherent story. In my editing styles, I don't show fancy stuff just because it was captured in a great angle etc... What i do is I show you clips that follow a story based on how it unfold during your great day. I spice it up by adding musical scoring, adding jump cuts (cut-aways) that show you relevant individuals, candid moments, etc.

Today, I'm considering cinematography style shooting. It's a great challenge in my part pero I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

Again, thank you to everyone, to w@wies sina angela,my first wedding under W@w, karla, kulit mo talaga pero it helps! kharen, salamat sa blogspot, december brides, grabe tindi ng referals nyo, super dami pa dapat kong pasalamatan, di ko na mabanggit. hehehe. You know who you are. Salamat talaga! Kuya Paul, Ate Ive's! Million thanks!

To God. For giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams of capturing priceless memories... preserving them in a media known to man as DVD, and enabling the media to inspire countless people to love and be loved ... (drama. para sa wedding yan ha. hehehe)

God bless everyone. Have a great day ahead. Happy preps! And to those who were wed na under sa team namin ni Paul... THANK YOU FOR MAKING US PART OF YOUR BIG DAY!


xingkit said...

hehe shierds parang gusto kong magpakasal uli next year :-)

yellow said...

yan ang straight from the heart na post! buti na lang naka pag DP na kami.hehe. excited na! :D

-- amado and ela

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